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San marcos – 100% organic


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Extraction info:
Dose: 21g in 
Yield: 40g out
Run time: 32 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)

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TASTING: Cacao nib, almonds and Stewed plum. This is a robust, big bodied espresso that has an extraordinary long finish.

REGION: Honduras, San Marcos

The municipality of San Marcos is located in the region of Ocotepeque in west Honduras, close to the border of Guatemala and El Salvador. This region is dominated by Mount Meredon, the tallest mountain in Honduras. The farms in this region  are not only very high altitude but also grow in the mountain’s rich volcanic soils. This region has deep agricultural ties particularly with the farming and production of coffee.

ALTITUDE: 1550 masl

Grown in the highest altitude region of Honduras on the slopes of Mount Meredon, this coffee is grown and harvested in a low oxygen climate in rich volcanic soils. High altitude farms are ideal for the production of distinct and high quality coffees. The low temperatures and thin atmosphere slows the development of the coffee cherry resulting in a higher density bean which leads to a more complex cup of coffee.

VARIETAL: Catuai, Bourbon

Catuai: varietal grown specifically for a South American climate, this varietal is a high yielding plant that is very compact in size, allowing for plants to be closely planted for maximum efficiency.

Bourbon: This coffee is a naturally occurring Typica mutation; selected from Ethiopian coffee cultivated in Yemen, transplanted to Bourbon Island (now Réunion) in the eighteenth century. This variety is grown prolifically throughout South America.

PROCESS: Washed, Wet Mill

Washed process coffee describes the way the coffee bean has been fermented in order to remove the fruit from the coffee bean. Coffee cherries are hand picked and run through a wet mill that strips the outer layer of the cherry from the mucilage. The fruit is then placed into fermentation tanks and filled with water and left to sit for around eighteen hours. Once the mucilage easily falls from the parchment layer the remaining fruit is washed off the bean and left to dry in large drying beds.

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250g, 1kg

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