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Luat Tawar – Indonesia


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Mulberry and Maple Syrup with aromas of clove and lemon peel.

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REGION: INDONESIA, Aceh, Gayo Highlands

ALTITUDE: 1200-1600 MASL

VARIETAL: Tim-Tim, Bourbon, Typica


Notes:  Grown on the foothills of the Gayo mountains within the Aceh province at the northernmost tip of Sumatra. Farms in this area surround the mountain basin of Lake Laut Tawar or freshwater sea, where this coffee gets its name. Coffee plants are grown under the shade of cinnamon and avocado trees to allow for greater depth and development of flavour with the coffee bean. Indonesian coffee such as this one use a unique processing method called wet- hulling or giling basah, in the Bahasa language. This method is renowned for producing high grade coffee with a delicate acidity, creamy body and a variety of unique flavours.

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250g, 1kg

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