Gibuzale – Ugandan Natural


This single is best suited for either spro or filter 

Espresso it is tasting rich with a medium body, when it cools you get more fruit-driven notes. On filter, we are getting more aromatic notes and a softer body.

23g in, 40g with a 9-second pre-infusion at 30-sec run.

This coffee has an amazing body, with medium acidity and a long finish. It has taste notes of Satsuma plum, cocoa nibs with hints of almond and vanilla. Aromatic nose. 


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Gibuzale is home to the Gibuzale Washing Station, the most remote of all the Kyagalanyi stations. Even though the landscape has difficulties due to heavy rains, the farmers bring their cherries to sell in the washing station.The climate has traditionally been predominantly rainy during the harvesting months, however a changing climate is bringing less rain and higher temperatures, making the choice of drought-resistant varieties. In areas with rainfall occurring throughout the drying period, farmers often use raised African beds, which allow air to circulate under the coffee and, water to drain away easily. The raised beds are quite high off the ground and made with a wooden frame and nylon mesh for drainage. The coffee is raked, turned and dried in the same way as patio drying but with the bonus of the raised beds, which generally result in a better drying and an improved quality finished product

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250g, 1kg

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