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Filadelfia – Guatemala


Clean, sweet and bright, tasting pear and lychee with subtle floral aromas of camomile and jasmine.


Extraction info:

Dose: 21g in 

Yield: 43g out

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The coffee region of Antigua is spread across a valley surrounded by three volcanoes, Agua (Water), Acatenango, and Fuego (Fire). The coffee grown in Antigua is enriched by the volcanic soil and tends to hold moisture well. The main shade tree used in Antigua is the gravilea, which helps protect the coffee from frost.

The main town in the region is also called Antigua. It is a cultural center for tourism, as it is the ancient capital of both the Mayans and the country of Guatemala. The increase in tourism has attracted a lot of locals and foreigners to live in the town. The demographic pressures create a demand for property in the region, and as such, farmers are enticed with lucrative property offers to sell their land. The key to keeping coffee in the region is to ensure farmers are being rewarded for the quality they are producing. 

ALTITUDE: 1500- 1700 MASL

Finca Filadelfia is the oldest coffee farm in the region, grown in the rich volcanic soil of the surrounding volcanoes. The combination of the high altitude of the farms paired with the well shaded growing fields slows the development of the coffee cherries allowing the coffee beans to increase in density leading to a more complex cup of coffee.


Caturra, Bourbon, Pacamara, Villa Sarchi, Geisha, Bourbon 300, Tabi, Obata (red, improved and traditional), Java, Ruirui, Maracaturra 


The most widely used processing technique for commercial coffee, washed coffees are known for their well balanced, complex and floral aromas. It describes the process of fermentation undergone by the coffee cherries in order to remove the fruit of the coffee from the bean. Coffee cherries undergoing the washed process will have the outer skin of the cherry removed and then are put in large fermentation tanks. The cherry is then left in the tanks to ferment until the muscillage softens and is easily separated from the coffee bean. The coffee cherries are then washed to remove all loose mucilage and layed out on large drying beds. 



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