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Buzibity is an amazingly well balanced espresso, super clean and crisp with a long syrupy finish. It has beautiful aromas of rose, tasting of lily pily berry and green apple up front, with lingering molasses sweetness.

Extraction Info:

21g in, 45g out, 10 second pre-infusion. 28 second extraction

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Though Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano, only part of the soils is formed in volcanic materials. These soils often have a clay loam to clay texture and inherently have higher fertility levels.

In areas with rainfall occurring throughout the drying period, farmers will often use raised African beds, which allow air to circulate under the coffee and water to drain away more easily. The coffee is raked and turned, dried in much the same way as patio drying but with the added bonus of the raised beds, which generally result in more even drying and a better-quality finished product.

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250g, 1kg

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