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How do I reset my password?

Head to the login page, then under the password text box there is a reset button. If you have multiple tries and it’s not working contact the office on 0893198188 or email wholesale@thetaylorgroup.online we will get it sorted asap.

Why do I have to order online?

Our ordering system has evolved to be a quick and easy ordering platform that is up to date with all product availability. With over 100 wholesale customers our logistics team would be overwhelmed with texts, emails and phone calls, resulting in a frazzled team and lots of errors. If you have any issues with the website please email or call the office and we can walk you through the site and talk through any issues.

I have just placed an order. When will it be shipped?

Depending on what products you have ordered.ย Grouch and Co coffee products are shipped out twice a week – Tuesday and Friday. Antipotea products are made to order and can take up to 14 days to ship out – especially over busy seasons like Christmas (November to end December). Card stock are fulfilled weekly, as are ceramic orders.ย ย 

What time will my order arrive?

Grouch and Co Perth Metro orders are usually delivered between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Please contact the office if you need further information. All other stock items including Regional Grouch and Co orders, are shipped via couriers who are unable to give specific times.ย 

I have a back order, when will I receive these products?

Back orders are only available when we have confirmed that the product is in transit to us, or that the ingredients are on the water. If you have an order that contains back ordered items, we will email you with an estimated restock date. Once the product arrives in our warehouse we will send it straight out.ย 

The product I want is out of stock. When will it be back in? And why can’t I back order it?

Back orders are only available when we have confirmed that the product is in transit to us, or that the ingredients are on the water. If you want a specific product please email the office or call and we can give you an eta on the stock.

Why is there a postage charge?

Some orders attract a shipping fee. All orders that are in the Perth Metro area eligible for free shipping. WA regional orders have a flat rate for shipping that will come into effect in January of 2022.

What’s the minimum opening order?

$250 is the minimum opening order.

My delivery has a product that is broken/damaged. What should I do?

As soon as you unpack the product, we need a photo of the box it arrived in and the damage to the product. Depending on the value of the product we may send you a postage-paid bag to return the product. Please email wholesale@thetaylorgroup.online with photos. We ask that you check your deliveries as soon as you can after you receive them so our couriers can investigate what has happened.

Why do some products take longer to arrive than others?

Antipotea products are made to order to ensure that your customers are getting the freshest products available. This also gives you longer shelf life. They can take up to 14days to ship. All other products ship within 5 days of order unless advised otherwise.

I want to set up an account instead of paying with my credit card.

Our preferred payment option is via credit card at time of order. If you would like to apply for a credit account we have a 14day credit term available to select customers only. You will need to apply for this and it is subject to credit check. Please email wholesale@thetaylorgroup.online for application.ย 

I need to order some coffee equipment for my cafe, but what I want isn’t listed?

We are very lucky to have contact with large distributors and can order in most equipment on your behalf. Please just reach out to the office on 0893198188.ย